Certified Therapists

Michael Reed, M.S.: Michael.ReedMS@yahoo.com


Christopher Wenner, PhD: chris@christopherwenner.com

Jenna Carl, PhD: jennarcarl@gmail.com 
Chandler Chang, PhD at Therapy Lab: drchandlerchang.com, therapylabinc.com                                              Caitlin Nevin, LCSW at Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center: caitlin.nevin@va.gov 

Jill Ehrenreich May, PhD at University of Miami (child and adolescent speciality): j.ehrenreich@miami.edu 
Melanie Smith, LMHC at the Renfrew Center for Eating Disorders: msmith@renfrewcenter.com
Dee Franklin, MA at the Renfrew Center for Eating Disorders: dfranklin@renfrewcenter.com

Rachel Ammirati, PhD at Emory University School of Medicine: rammira@emory.edu
Kallio Hunnicutt-Ferguson, PhD at Emory University School of Medicine: khunnic@emory.edu

Chistopher Fairholme, PhD at Idaho State University: chris.fairholme@gmail.com 

Susan Longley, PhD at Eastern Illinois University: sllongley@eiu.edu
Jason Washburn, PhD at AMITA Health Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital: jason.washburn@amitahealth.org

Daniel Goldstein, PhD at Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital: daniel.goldstein@va.gov
Katherine Meyers, PhD at Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital: katherine.meyers@va.gov

Kelly LeMaire, PhD, HSPP at Purdue University: klemaire@purdue.edu

Shannon Sauer-Zavala, PhD at the University of Kentucky: shannonesauer@gmail.com

Clinicians at Boston University's Center for Anxiety and Related Disorder. Sliding fee scale offered. 617-353-9610.

Benjamin Banister, PsyD. at McLean Hospital: 978-254-0123
Kate Bentley, PhD at Massachusetts General Hospital: kbentley@mgh.harvard.edu
Jacqueline Bullis, PhD at McLean Hospital: jackie.bullis@gmail.com 
Kristen Ellard, PhD at Massachusetts General Hospital:KELLARD@mgh.harvard.edu
Maggie Gorraiz, PhD at McLean Hospital: mgorraiz@partners.org
Cassidy Gutner, PhD at the Boston VA Heathcare System:cgutner@gmail.com
David Lane, PsyD at Center for Motivation and Change: dlane@motivationandchange.com 
Matthew Robinson, PhD: mar@matthewarobinsonphd.com 617-826-9575
Johanna Thompson-Hollands, PhD at the Boston VA Healthcare System:johanna.thompsonhollands@gmail.com

Jennifer Roman-Martin, LICSW, MSW: jennifer.roman.martin@gmail.com
David Gaydos, LCSW at Wentworth Institute of Technology

Jullie Lesser, MD at Children's Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota: Julie.Lesser@childrensmn.org

New York:
James Boswell, PhD at SUNY Albany: jboswell@albany.edu

North Carolina:
Clair Cassiello-Robbins, PhD at Duke University: clair.robbins@duke.edu
Annette Perot, PhD: drperot@gmail.com 

Rhode Island:
Christina Boisseau, PhD at Brown Medical School: Christina_Boisseau@brown.edu

Matthew Gallagher, PhD at the University of Houston: mwgallagher@gmail.com 

Ryan Wilkes, PsyD at Wasatch Psychological Services: dr.wilkes@wasatchpsych.com 


Colleen Allison, PhD: colleen.allison@vhc.ca
Nikolai Pavlov: nickpavlov@caringmind.ca 

Ladislav Timulak, Ph.D., School of Psychology, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland: timulakl@tcd.ie
Ian O'Grady, Dublin South Central HSE Adult Mental Health & School or Psychology at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland: ogradyi@tcd.ie

Mats Jacobson: mats@verksampsykologi.com
Erik Nilsson: enerik.nilsson@gmail.com

Nina Reinholt: nina.reinholt@regionh.dk

Leonidas Castro Camacho, PhD at the Universidad de los Andes: lecastro@uniandes.edu.co

National Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Research: http://www.ncnp.go.jp/cbt/


Dmitrii Kovpak: kovpak@list.ru 

Nikita Chernov: n.chernov.psy@bk.edu
Olga Dolganina: olga_dolganina@list.ru

Denis Moskovchenko : xedin512@gmail.com, https://up-cbt.ru/ 
Yana Evdokimova: yanaevdokimova5@gmail.com
Ekatarina Panova: ekaterinapanova9037449145@gmail.com
Maria Razlogova: razlom@gmail.com

Jorge Osma, Universidad de Zaragoza: osma@unizar.es

South Africa 
Tyrone Edgar: tyrone.edgar@cbtrsa.com 


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