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“Supervision in the Unified Protocol with Dr. Sauer-Zavala helped me to really understand how to deliver the treatment, and more importantly, helped my patients gain momentum with recovery. We are so pleased with the protocol and with the supervision that we are organizing a training workshop for the entire organization, and have discussed ways to implement it throughout our state.” Learn More »

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The Unified Protocol is a cutting edge cognitive-behavioral (CBT) treatment that can be used to treat many common mental disorders like anxiety and depression. The Unified Protocol Institute is dedicated to CBT training for mental health care providers and treatment teams to implement the Unified Protocol in their practice settings. We offer continuing education credits (CE credits) for psychologists for our programming. The Unified Protocol Institute applies the most effective and efficient methods of training to implement the Unified Protocol at a competent level. We frequently provide CBT training workshops in our Boston location and travel all over the world in order to customized UP trainings that are requested.




The Unified Protocol is not just for anxiety disorders! The UP has been used clinically with a variety of patient populations including major depressive disorder, borderline personality disorder, and bipolar disorder. Research data suggests that treatment with the UP respresents a promising way to address these disorders, as well as co-occuring conditions.

The Unified Protocol has also been used successfully in groups


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The Unified Protocol is a world-wide phenomenon. It has been translated into six languages and our UP Trainers have been to 10 countries and counting.

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